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Eye drops Stand (Set of 2)

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  • Easy to Use Silicone Vision Care Eye Drops Bracket Support Holder Stand Device When people use a eye drops, they tend to make certain issues themselves. Since most of eye drops is made in small size, it cause secondary infections and allergies from users' hand or excessive drops. Eye drops eye drops bottle bracket bottle of eye drops to clear eye redness assistant drops relieve eye fatigue Will inevitably hand movement or or even touch the eyes when the eye with eye drops. Creative eye drops bracket not only allow us to better to identify the location of the eye, but also to avoid eye contact with bacteria and hands. Suitable for more age group. How to Use: Ordinarily, you can put it on the eye drop container and carry it together. When in need, you flip it over and combine it with the container. It is firmly connected so it is stable. After combining, press to unfold and apply.