Neckline Slimmer - Mistics
Neckline Slimmer - Mistics
Rs. 340

Neckline Slimmer

  • Delivery Time : 4 to 8 Working Days
  • Material: Durable ABS engineering plastic and flexible Silicon rubber It is a totally physical therapy design. Gently firms the underlying muscles of the neck tightens the skin for a dramatic lift Effectively resistance to tone, tighten and lift saggy, underlying neck muscles. Provides 3 levels of resistance power coils, easy for you to adapt, don't worry it is hard for you Dimensions: 6.5 cm x 5.0 cm x 14.0 cm Use just two minutes a day and the Neckline Slimmer will help you tighten and tone your neck, chin and face the quick, easy, pain-free way