Hot Shaper Set - Mistics
Rs. 499

Hot Shaper Set

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  • 1.Comfortable Durable Washable .
  • 2.Hot shapers is an innovatively designed Neotex fitness wear to help you lose extra inches from your body and have a perfectly toned physique.
  • 3.The product is made of Neotex fabric which keeps you warm and causes a lot of sweat in your body.
  • Using it regularly will help you lose excess fat from your body in the form of sweat and helps you gain a perfect slim, fit and healthy body.
  • 4.All you need to do is just wear hot shaper dress and continue doing your daily chores. You can also wear these pants while exercising, cycling, hiking etc.
  • The hot pants will increase your body temperature, make you sweat and will ultimately lose your weight.