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    • Turn your Smart phone into a camera with a 8X optical zoom in a minute with this cool optical telescope lens.
    • This product comes with an 8X zoom optical telescope lens, a holder stand for all phones.
    • It fits your phone snugly and magnifies the image in the camera by eight times.
    • The mini tripod holds your camera steadily and produces sharp images for you.
    • Best of all, the lens comes with a manual focus allowing you to take DSLR quality photos with your mobile phone. It's very easy to use too. No worry about wiring or batteries. Just attach your Phone with the provided stand & done!

    Compatible with iPhone Samsung HTC Nokia Lenovo LG Huawei etc Instantly converts your mobile phone into a telescope New design of 8X zoom lens with attractive appearance, portable for travel Good for color reduction producing high quality photographs New design to run rays effectively avoiding the contortion of image With universal adjustable holder, making it easier and better to grip your phone. With adjustable tripod, making it avoid of hand shake when photo-shooting Reliable packaging and full range of accessories can be used alone as a telescope, using a handheld watching with a telescope eyepiece cap can be connected to a wide range of mobile phones, universal base configuration, as long as the clip, the camera in the back (except telescopic lens outside), can be installed on basically beat views can be accessed by a digital camera, camera, ultra-thin lens does not extend the sink, range folders in 55MM - between 85MM. Package included: Lens Clip(plastic) x 1 Tripod x 1 Universal mobile holder x 1 8X Zoom x 1 Cleaning Cloth x 1 please note : Images are for reference purposes only, actual color may vary.. we have black-silver & white colors..please call us for color preferences..

    Material and Compatibility

    This camera lens kit is made of aluminium, which ensures sturdiness and durability. These lenses are compatible with iPhones, Android tablets, tablet PCs, laptops, iPads and iPods.

    Velvet Bag

    The velvet carry bag that comes with this kit will help keep your lenses safe and secure, while the microfibre cloth helps clean the lenses with ease. Since the lenses can be attached or detached from the clip, you can easily carry this kit anywhere you go. 



    Package Includes 

    • Clip on
    • 8X zoom lens
    • Holder
    Phone Cover is For illustration purpose only . 
    We have three colours Black , Red and White . We Will send the colour as per availability , Still you can mention your colour in notes for a particular selection .